The Audience Agency and Mercury Theatre Colchester organize a Webinar next Tuesday, March 29 (1:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT), on Experience Design for Audience Development. The Webinar uses a methodology based on design thinking, developed through the Adeste+ project, a chance to develop audiences by focusing on their experience.

Audience Centred Experience Design (ACED) goes beyond the short term initiative to explore how the whole cultural organisation can come together to create great audience experiences. Using the results of a three year project which tested these methods across Europe in different scales and types of organisation, it outlines how you can develop your own ACED process. As well as providing you with a chance to try out some of the key tools, you will also be able to find out how organisations have applied this in practice. It will also introduce you to the new online blueprint toolkit that is being launched this spring.


This session is for anyone who is involved in enabling their cultural organisation to find new ways of getting closer to their audiences and communities. It is relevant both for leaders who want to make the most of their team’s creativity and ideas as well as for people actively involved in a public facing role.

This session is available for participation for those working in cultural organisations both inside and outside the UK.

What you will learn:

  • The background and theory of user-centred design thinking
  • The way in which Audience Centred Experience Design can be applied to your organisation to improve the experience of your current audiences and attract those who are not normally engaged
  • How this methodology works in practice, with examples from the UK and across Europe
  • Creative techniques to inspire and stimulate a cross-departmental team and achieve innovation within a cultural organisation
  • Understanding the factors that affect the overall experience of various audience groups


Anne Torreggiani, Chief Executive of The Audience Agency. Anne led the development of this process within the Adeste+ project.

Jonathan Goodacre, Senior Consultant of The Audience Agency. Jonathan leads on international consultancy and contributed to this process.


This session takes the form of a 2 hour webinar combining a presentation of themes and content, panel discussion and practical workshop.



All events will provide Zoom automated transcription in English. Other access services, including Live transcription (instead of Zoom’s automated transcription) and British Sign Language interpretation, can be requested in the booking form and will be provided where possible. Please book as soon as possible to allow time for arrangements to be made.








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