Harinera ZGZ started a way for change in the framework of Adeste Plus back in 2019. It has been a collaborative process based on the principles of human centred design, in which Harinera community worked along with University of Deusto.

In the first place, the group delved into the community structure and delimited three different layers of members according to their implication: Attenders, people involved in management and people implicated in programming. Consequently, three different approaches to work on the development of Harinera project were established. From this point, the community itself was able to identify two specific targets to focus on.

According to the human centred design, the group defined a real person to represent each target, and so Harinera community visualized Fatima (a migrant woman) and Alex (a young person interested on undertaking a cultural project). Nevertheless, after validating ideas and assumptions, the community decided to focus just on Alex, and as a result, Lánzate con Harinera was born.

Lánzate con Harinera aim is to enlarge the core community of Harinera ZGZ by involving young people (from 14 to 29 year old) in the programming. For this reason, Harinera ZGZ launched a call and the following proposals were selected:

  1. Black jacket: It is a project in which five 15 year old boys propose to make a thriller short film.
  2. Coming of age: It is a multidisciplinary project about growing up. It focuses on fashion as a way to build identity. The final outcome is a fashion film. Promoters are 18 years old.
  3. PreguntandoNóos: It is an action research project founded on dialogue. From a collaborative approach the project reflects on sex differences. There are two final outcomes, a fanzine and a multidisciplinary exhibition.
  4. Maños Music Festival: It is an urban music festival which aim is to boost hip-hop music in Zaragoza and to give visibility to young musicians.

To conclude, four groups of young people have been working with cultural professionals during two months. In general, the process had a positive impact as selected proposals have become a reality. In addition, promoters are getting involved with the core community of Harinera ZGZ.








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