Due to this emergency the ADESTE+ Summer School and European Conference will be moved to the digital sphere, instead of being held in Rijeka, as scheduled for 21 – 25 September 2020.

In such times when we are advised to practice physical distancing and social solidarity, we will restructure and adjust the Summer School and Conference programme so that it can take place online.  We will bring together all interested cultural practitioners and experts from various fields of arts to share their knowledge and experiences, generate new strategies and identify ways in which we can change our approaches to the audience. We are working hard to find new digital formats that maintain the vibrant spirit of the Lisbon Summer School.

Culture is About People

The closure of European institutions has left cultural facilities empty, and the images we see from around the world remind us that culture is about people, and that people need culture. The ADESTE+ consortium continues to work with an audience focus through this difficult time. People and audiences have always oriented our work, and in these moments it is profoundly clear to us that culture exists only within the relation between people and  communities and this is more than ever the strongest and deepest drive for our actions.

We strongly believe in the importance of change, which is why we are also thrilled by the opportunity to try something new and to possibly engage more people from around the world to join our common reflections upon the future of the cultural sector and democracy itself.

The Sessions will Address Current Challenges and Means of Change

The online Summer School and Conference will address the challenges and perspectives that the cultural sector is facing around Audience Development and the necessity of organizational change. Special attention will be given to the impact on cultural organizations and their audiences, caused by the Corona virus outbreak. We see this as an opportunity to try different conversation formats, and we are looking forward to engaging in these sessions with you.

We are responding to the crisis the best we can, and we are grateful to work out new perspectives with you. We will turn digital, we will get back, we will do whatever it takes to be there and keep going for culture’s sake.  We will embrace the change as such because it was already our theme: How to make change happen? Now that Change is a given we will be focusing even more on how to thrive and build a desirable future. The new programme schedule along with a new call for registration for the Summer School and Conference will be launched by the beginning of May 2020. 

Applicants do not Need to Apply Again – New Applicants Are Welcome

Applicants who have already submitted their applications do not have to apply again and we will notify them of all the changes via email. Stay tuned, the new program schedule will be announced at the ADESTE+ website and distributed through Newsletter and social media channels, and we are still welcoming new participants.

We thank all applicants and invited speakers for their understanding and support in these uncertain times. We are also grateful for the continued engagement and support of our partners. We are looking forward to hosting all of you in a virtual space during the online Summer School and European Conference in 2020! Our thoughts are with everyone who is affected by the consequences of the Covid-19 crisis. Meanwhile keep safe, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

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