Alessandra Gariboldi, project manager in Adeste Plus, and Sonia Sin Villanova, head of communication in Zaragoza Cultural, will be present at #Conecta19, the second smARTplaces conference that takes place at Etopia Center for Art and Technology in Zaragoza, Spain.

The conference addresses audience development through digital technology, and new forms of cultural mediation. BeSpectACTive will be also present in the conference.

In a dynamic format it explore how European and cultural institutions connect and interact with their audiences, become more inclusive and involve people in the reshaping of cultural centers and their role in social change. Meanwhile, in a parallel program of activities, it give the opportunity to discover Zaragoza’s most innovative cultural centers and artistic program.

smARTplaces is a visionary, long-term European audience development project co-funded by the Creative Europe Program of the European Union and aim to revolutionize the way culture and art can be perceived and consumed using digital technology and new forms of cultural mediation.

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