After co-desing session in Colcherster our worshops have started between knowledge and artistic partners. The main goal is to start working to help artistic partners on put the audience in the centre of organizations. In every country will be a worshop.

Artistic partners such as the Teatro Stabile di Torino (IT), Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation (PT), Harinera (ES), Croatia National Theater I Zajc (HR), Mercury Theater (UK), Norrebro Theater (DK) will work closely with research partners (Fitzcarraldo Foundation (IT), The Audience Agency (UK), Center for Arts and Interculture (DK), Deusto University (ES), Mapa das Ideias (PT) Melting Pro (IT), Kultura Nova Foundation (HR ).

Capacity building workshops
These workshops includes all the activities related to the development of the workshop programme, which is at the centre of the blueprint development that knowledge partners has been co-desinging in Colcheter last February. It includes both the Capacity building workshops (5 consecutive workshops (1 day every 4-6 weeks) for each Artistic Partner delivered by the Knowledge Partners in house at the organisation, with 6-8 people including the Change maker and Change players from
different departments.

The toolkit are for people that are working in the organizations. They will respond to the needs of our artistic partners. The objective is to create a framework for the change to take place in the organizations themselves.
The work scheme is based on the people.







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