Noerrebro Theatre in Copenhagen Denmark closed its doors on March 12th due to the Covid-19 pandemic and had to cancel all programmed productions for the rest of the season. We still don’t know when we will be able to reopen, but at the beginning of the lockdown we were busy working on the theatre catalogue for the new season selecting photos and writing text about the plays and events we are producing in the theatre-season of 2020-21. We handed in the Catalogue for print at the end March and on April 29th it was published as a physical Catalogue and all productions were revealed on the theatre’s website. 

During lockdown the Facebook page and Instagram profile of the Theatre has been filled with videos from cast and staff. At the beginning of the lockdown we had actors and staff send in short videos with their best quarantine tips. We had everything from “go for an early morning walk” to “remove limescale in the shower”. As we neared the date of the release of the new theatre season, we started posting poster photos and photos of cast members in order to have people guess as to which plays, we had decided on for the coming season. After the season was released at the end of April, we have been posting video-greetings from actors and event-hosts who are all involved in creating our coming season, and we are currently filming small videos with the theatre director in which she is talking about the newt season. 

Although the theatre is not open, it will soon be possible to join a virtual tour of the theatre from your own home. The video will be posted on the theatre’s Facebook-page and YouTube Channel. 

In addition to our online activities, we continue to work from home updating you on the new exiting theatre season ahead. And while we are currently waiting for some clear information about when the cultural activities can start, we cannot wait to be able to welcome people into Noerrebro Theatre again. Because without an audience there is no theatre. 

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