Helsingør Teater, Helsingør, DK // Teatergrad, København, DK // Østerbro Teater (Østre Gasværk & Teater RePublique), København, DK // Baltoppen, Ballerup, DK // Odense Teater, Odense // Folkteatern Gävleborg, Gävle, SE // Kilden teater og konserthus, Kristiansand, NO // Betty Nansen Teatret, København, DK // Den Frie, København, DK

Nørrebro Theatre and the Danish Center for Arts and Interculture are co-hosting a series of workshops for no less than 9 theatres, galleries, music venues and a municipal venue in Denmark, Sweden and Norway. The purpose is to teach the ADESTE+ Audience Centred Experience Design (ACED) through unfreezing, empathising, defining, ideating, prototyping and embedding new practice into the organisations.

An online format allows us to include institutions from all over the Scandinavian territory at once, which makes us very efficient…and only causes minor linguistic challenges…


The thing that brings us all together is the desire to do something great. We want our audiences to enjoy their experience – not only during their visit but also before and after they come. How might we do that? That is exactly the question we ask. How might we program, interact and create value and social experiences? How might we surprise our audiences and create relevance, resonance and relationships? How might we utilize partnerships and develop formats? How might we use data? How might we make sure the audiences come back?

The workshops consist of presentations from ADESTE+ partners, instruction in ACED models and -theories and work in groups between and within the organisations. Through this, we specifically do two things:

We provide tools and methods for going about this work, and we create a common language for placing audiences at the centre of all activities and departments of the organisation.

Of course this is not an easy task. It is a new way of thinking, perceiving, planning and performing, and everybody has to be onboard in order to embed the practice and create a lasting organisational change. Therefore it is very important to stress that this process takes time, and that whenever we fail, we fail forward, as our partner in Mercury Theatre, Colchester, so illustratively put it. We need to be allowed to make mistakes so that we are not afraid to experiment and in the end make something great for everyone.

Text: Astrid Aspegren (CKI)







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