18 hours from September 29th to October 20th.

18 hours from September 29th to October 20th.

The Summer School is an online learning experience for cultural professionals willing to discover new methodologies and tools to support them through their job. It will be an international networking opportunity, a safe space in which to explore new ideas, but also a practical training opportunity to foster professional development.

The programme is articulated in 6 online sessions (3 hours each):

  • Welcome to ADESTE+ Community  29th September, 10-13 CEST

How can we change the way we work within our organization to bring people at the centre of our programming and projects? In this session, we’ll share our answers to this question and introduce you to the process we developed.

  • People beyond audiences  5th October, 10-13 CEST

Developing a people centre perspective is much more than attracting new audiences: it’s about empathy, it’s about embracing different points of view and creating a real connection with the people we want to engage with. In this session, we’ll share some simple tools and tips to better understand your communities.

  • Reframe the challenge 6th October, 10-13 CEST

Putting yourself in other people’s shoes opens up new perspectives and enables you to rethink your daily job and the challenges you’re trying to tackle. In this session, we’ll guide you through all the data and insights you collected to understand how they can help you reframe your goals.

  • Unlock creativity  12th October, 10-13 CEST

We’re used to solving problems everyday and  too often we miss the opportunity to unlock the creative potential in our teams, which is essential to come up with new and innovative solutions. In this session, we’ll push you out of the comfort zone, where the magic begins.

  • Prototype your ideas 13th October, 10-13 CEST

They say “prototypes slow you down to speed you up”. In an accelerating world we think it’s important to experiment and collect datas continuously, so as to ground our projects in the real world and embed ongoing learnings. In this session, we’ll understand how to develop low and high fidelity prototypes for our ideas.

  • Let’s pitch!  20th October, 10-13 CEST

The end of our journey! In this session, each team will pitch the ideas they developed to answer the challenges posed by each case study. It will be the chance to share our common learning and reflect on how we could embed them in our professional life.

During each meeting you will have access to an inspiring talks with high profile guest speakers, a training session on ADESTE+ methodology and steps, a breakout room to work in with your team and discuss how to apply the tools we proposed on the case study you’re dealing with. A set of facilitators and one representative of the case study organisation will always be with you!

We’re looking for curious people that are willing to challenge themselves and explore new ideas, for professionals that feel the need to develop new tools and approaches to bring into their job, for changemakers who want to enhance their international network and explore other experiences and perspectives.

Deadline for applications is 1st September. All results will be communicated by 7th September.  There is no participation fee. APPLICATIONS here.







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