Increasing cultural participation is a crucial cultural challenge and so Adeste+ was conceived as a program for change.

Taking this fact into account, Adeste+ has been based on two main pillars: community and knowledge sharing. Without a shadow of a doubt, one of the main achievements of Adeste+ has been its community, where anyone interested in knowing more about cultural participation is welcome.

To encourage audience-centric cultural organization across Europe, Adeste+ Consortium have researched and ideated a methodology (the Audience Centre Experience Design, ACED) to support cultural organisations. In this regard, It is significant that the process followed to get here has been a combination of work, experience and reflection from all actors involved in the process and in the community: knowledge partners, artistic partners, and last but not least, policy makers.

The Audience Centered Experience Design (ACED) model encourages cultural organisations to create experiences with and for their audiences, visitors or participants. It helps organisations to be more sustainable, relevant and inclusive through a step-by-step process co-designed by the Adeste+ partnership.

In order to give free access and disseminate the knowledge built through the action research process, the Adeste+ communication team has created a repository to assure open access to the legacy of the project.  And therefore, when we are about to unveil  the ACED methodology, we want to give our community some tips to consult and enjoy all the knowledge generated during the life of Adeste+:

Firstly, If you want to know more about the different milestones of the project and be updated on the different activities Adeste+ performs, please visit the News section. Nevertheless, if you are interested in concrete experiences, developed as part of Adeste+ research, you can find them in the Experiences section.

In addition,  the Resources section offers visitors means of any type, including videos. Those resources are organized by thematic areas on the audience development field. To directly access Videos go to the Adeste+ Vimeo channel.

To conclude, when reflecting on the Adeste+ knowledge sharing role, it is important to stress events held such as European Conferences and Summer Schools, which were conceived as gathering spaces where networking and reflection were key. Therefore, there are different legacy microsites containing all the debates and resources related to them:

– Lisbon European Conference and Summer School “Empowering audiences, reimagining culture” 2019

– Online European Conference and Online Summer School Online “Change within change” 2020

– Summer School “From audience to people: A journey for changemakers” 2021

– Final European Conference 2021 “From audience to people: unlocking the power of culture”.

So far, those are the main Adeste+ knowledge repositories, and they are accessible on the website. Nevertheless, Adeste+ still has much to contribute. Please, to not miss anything, subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

Soon we will bring some novelties. Pay attention and stay tuned!








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