Dea Vidović

Dea Vidović

Dea Vidović is a Director of Kultura Nova Foundation, public foundation dedicated to civil society organizations in contemporary arts and culture in Croatia. She graduated in Comparative Literature and Indian Studies and earned a PhD in 2012 from the University of Zagreb’s Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. For more than fifteen years of her professional engagement in culture, she worked as a manager, editor, journalist and researcher. Her professional trajectory was built on numerous collaborations with institutions on local, national and international levels. The academic aspect of her professional engagement has been developing through regular publishing and editing of both scientific and expert books, papers and articles on contemporary cultural practices, as well as through delivering of lectures and presentations at various discursive events. She is an ENCATC Board member as well as Steering Committee member of EFC Arts and Culture Thematic Network.

25 september
Keynote speaker: How participation won, and why it matters”
Mercedes Giovinazzo, keynote speaker; and Dea Vidović, moderator.

26 september
“Cultural Democracy – Past, Present, Future”
By Steven Hadley with Dea Vidović (moderator).







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