Ivo Oosterbeek

Ivo Oosterbeek

Ivo Oosterbeek has a Master Degree in Prehistoric Archaeology (specialized in Heritage Management) and a graduate degree in Editorial Design, and is a member of the Terra e Memória Institute, the Quaternary and Prehistory group of the Geosciences Centre (uID73-FCT – Coimbra) and a collaborator of the Museum of Prehistoric Art at Mação. He has training in Tourism Events Management. Concerning heritage and cultural management, his initial focus on cultural awareness has slowly been reshaped as a concern for social development as the basis of cultural values.

At the company, Ivo is part of the cooperation projects department, while also contibuting in graphic and web design projects, heving been involved in some projects, including exhibition design and content development for school exhibits, educational kit development, editorial design of educational materials and project development and management. He also contributes in tasks related to cultural programming at the A Reserva Centre, managed by Mapa das Ideias.

Ha has previously worked in several cultural institutions and projects that are a reference in the fields of heritage and archaeology, such as the Instituto Terra e Memória in Mação, where he was involved in implementation tasks of the cooperation projects Gestart and Transformations, and was an external evaluator for the Erasmus Meet-Us project. Besides this, Ivo has been involved with volunteering work, engaging in activities for the promotion of cultural disciplines ranging from archaeology to music.

27 september
“5 Questions for the future”
By Niels Righolt, Ilídio Louro, Patrizia Braga, Ivo Oosterbeek and Macarena Cuenca.







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