Summer Plays

Summer Plays

Play Storm Instant Theatre

Opening Summer Plays

This summer season, that goes from June 15th to September 13th, is entitled SUMMER PLAYS and it offers three months of uninterrupted programming for a total amount of 16 contemporary plays and 100 performances. Beyond the usual evening schedule, this summer program includes also EXTRA PLAYS: a series of events designed not only for theatre lovers but also for onlookers and new audiences. The first one of them is curated by seven directors, aged differently, and it’s conceived as a cycle of free-entry lessons about seven Shakespeare’s masterpieces. The second one is directed by the resident Dramaturg and it’s called “Playstorm: Instant Theatre” and it will bring on stage, in a sort of dramaturgical happening, the most relevant and curious press articles of the week. Finally, EXTRA KIDS will be dedicated to the younger audience and their families and it will present the stage adaptation of The Wizard of Oz.

Moreover, the TST is the coordinator of the BLU OLTREMARE festival, that is taking place from July 15th to September 27th in the courtyard of the one-time historic firehouse in the Porta Palazzo, now transformed into a hostel Combo.

BLU OLTREMARE gathers, for the very first time, all the main local cultural institutions of Turin in order to offer a variety of live shows, including classical, jazz and rock music concerts, theatre, contemporary circus, meetings and readings. The partners involved in the 50 events program are Teatro Regio Torino, MITO per la Città, Teatro Piemonte Europa, Torino Jazz Festival, Todays Festival, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Fondazione TRG, Circolo dei lettori and Torino Spiritualità.







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