Compagnia San Paolo

Compagnia San Paolo

Compagnia di San Paolo pursues socially useful objectives in order to promote cultural, civil and economic development. It specifically operates within the broad areas in which its institutional activity is organized, such as research and education, the arts, cultural heritage and activities, health, and social policy. Compagnia’s work is carried out through grants and projects directly managed by its own organisation and instrumental bodies.

Its participation inside Adeste+ is coherent with Compagnia’s determination in implementing strategies and policies of audience development. Compagnia is committed in endorsing different projects and calls in order to promote participation in cultural life, to have a direct impact on citizens and to generate a change in the Italian cultural institutions’ policies. Its expertise and its established experience on social innovation and new methodologies of active participation has guaranteed Compagnia di San Paolo, together with other international policy partners, a leading role in the impact on the cultural and artistic institution of the European scenario.”







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