Creatives Unite: an online platform for European cultural & creative industries affected by #Covid19

Creative Europe

May 2020

Creatives Unite is a platform that aims to balance this gap by gathering all the information circulating on the web regarding creative opportunities coming from and referring to the CCIs, by directing to the relevant websites of the respective networks, organizations and initiatives and by giving the opportunity to co-create and share solutions.

Creatives Unite launched to connect and share Covid-related information and responses among cultural and creative sectors. The new platform, Creatives Unite offers a common space for all those looking for information about cultural and creative sector initiatives responding to the coronavirus crisis. It gives access in one single space to the multitude of existing resources and numerous relevant networks and organisations. It also offers a space to co-create and upload contributions towards finding solutions together.

It is operated by the European Creative Hubs Network and the Goethe-Institut as part of Creative FLIP.

They want to gather in one place all initiatives / information related to the cultural and creative sectors in the EU in response to the COVID crisis.

Keywords: Covid-19, adaptation, community







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