Design thinking and audience development: Spanish dissemination of Adeste + work

University of Deusto

December 2020

Around a hundred Spanish cultural managers took part in a webinar to disseminate the work of Adeste +. The event was organized by the University of Deusto and had the participation of #ZGZesCultura.

During the webinar it is discussed how the Design Thinking strategy can help us communicate successfully with our audiences. The first part analyzed the work carried out in Harinera ZGZ within the Adeste + project. Subsequently, different case studies were analyzed from public and private institutions and from the Expert Training in Audience Development and Cultural Policies.


Jaime Cuenca, Director of the Expert in Public Strategy (University of Deusto)

Sonia Sin, Head of the Communication and Sponsorship Area (Zaragoza City Council)

Amaia Ispizua Guisasola, Communications Manager (Get In Musical Promoter) 

Macu Ledesma Cid, Coordinator of Public Programs and Audience Development (General Subdirectorate of Fine Arts, Community of Madrid)

Keywords: Dissemination, community







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