Antonija Letinic

Antonija Letinic

Working in the field of culture and arts for past 17 years as producer, organiser and project manager.

Has more than 10 years of editorial experience working in specialized media and publishing. Next to editorial work, runs projects – conceptualization, organisation and coordination, fundraising, implementing and reporting – since 2006.


European Conference 2021 · Debate: Enabling conditions for Participation to thrive

Moderator: Gabriele Rosana, Policy Director Culture Action Europe.
Participants: Piera Castagnacci, Culture delegate Città di Genova / Antonija Letinic, Kulturanova Foundation / Alessia Zabatino, policy adviser / Lidian Fleers, Fonds Voor Cultuurparticipatie / Walter Zampieri (online), DG Education and Culture Head of Unit: Cultural diversity and innovation.

European Conference 2021 · A blueprint for audience-centred organisations: Can we tackle complex issues through simple tools?

Participants: Beata Dubiel, City of Warsaw / Antonija Letinic, Kultura Nova Foundation / Ilidio Louro, Mapa das Ideias / Simona Martini, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo / Niels Righolt, The DanishCentre for Arts and Interculture / Anne Torreggiani, The Audience Agency.

Presentation and reflections on the ACED methodology, with Adeste+ partnership.







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