Chiara Organtini

Chiara Organtini

Chiara Organtini is a curator and project creator passionate about interdisciplinary art and public space, from site specific interventions, digital experiments or participatory works that question traditional genres and spectatorship. For 12 years she was part of indisciplinarte, an organization that supports arts as an agent for urban change: she contributed to the development of CAOS Centro Arti Opificio Siri, a 6000 sqm multidisciplinary space based in a former factory in the post-industrial city of Terni and to the curation of Terni international performing arts festival. Since 2019 she joined Santarcangelo Festival specifically working on BEPART art beyond participation, a Creative Europe large scale European cooperation project investigating collaborative forms of art making and the ethics of participation. She is also part of C.U.R.A., a residency centre for artists and curators and she collaborates with WpZimmer, a residency space for artistic research and development in Antwerp. She is engaged in INSITU European platform for creation in public space and in the European project Reshape, researching the notion of civic imagination and in arts as a space to perform alternatives and in the curation of compelling experiences and contexts in which contents can be collectively generated.


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