Ewa Bogusz-Moore

Ewa Bogusz-Moore

Ewa Bogusz-Moore is a general director of the Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra in Katowice. In April 2019 she was invited to join the European Concert Hall Organization. She started her musical career as a cellist but after obtaining MA in Arts Management at the City University of London she devoted herself to cultural management. Before taking the position in NOSPR, Ewa acted as a deputy director at the Adam Mickiewicz Institute where she developed the strategy of promoting Polish classical music throughout the world. Her business model of the “Polska Music” programme encouraged numerous international cooperations. Ewa worked as a music and theatre specialist at the Polish Cultural Institute in London. For six years Ewa Bogusz-Moore was responsible for building international recognition and managing the I, CULTURE Orchestra, a unique youth orchestra, engaging over 600 most talented musicians from Eastern Europe and performing in the most prestigious concert halls around Europe. Ewa simultaneously combines orchestral management, creating and supporting musical projects with prominent organizations around the world. Her passion for the transformative power of arts together with business acumen allows her to deliver effective programs across the arts and education sectors. In 2016 she received The Honorary Award of The Association of Polish Composers for her continuous efforts to promote polish music around the world.


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