Matteo Lanfranchi

Matteo Lanfranchi

Lanfranchi’s artistic and professional life started on stage, as an actor. After many years of experience with Italian and foreign directors he decided to set up a company, to develop a way of doing theatre able to question its own canons. He was lucky to meet amazing companions on the journey, with whom he has also developed strong friendships. He is curious by nature and a sponge when it comes to information. Sometimes, as he observes the reality around him, he gets ideas that he wishes to develop with other artists within the group. He loves to have fun with his work and knows that if he loses his sense of irony, then he has taken a wrong turn. When everybody’s eyes sparkle, he knows he is on the right track. His time is the present, the world is where he belongs, gratitude is his favourite feeling and human beings and the interactions amongst them, what he cares for dearly.


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