Niels Righolt

Niels Righolt

Niels Righolt is the director of CKI – the Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture in Copenhagen, Denmark. The centre is a more than 20 years old competence centre on interculture, audience development and cultural democracy. Niels has a broad background and experience from more than 25 years in the arts field. He has worked as Artistic Director, Managing Director, Producer and Curator, Head of Information, Cultural Political Developer and Political Advisor within a variety of cultural institutions and organizations over the years, among others, as Managing and Artistic Director of the Dunkers Arts Centre in Helsingborg, Sweden, as Chief Curator and producer for Møstings Hus & Byggeriets Hus, Copenhagen and as co-founder of the intercultural magazine and communication bureau Cultures. At present Niels is a board member of among others Culture Action Europe (Brussels, Belgium), the faculty of the humanities at Malmö University (Malmö, Sweden), Voksenåsen (Oslo, Norway), Inkonst Theatre (Malmö, Sweden),  Teatergrad (Copenhagen, Denmark) and the Audience Europe Network (Rotterdam, NL). Niels and CKI is one of the partners in the large scale Erasmus+ project CONNECT and the large scale Creative Europe project ADESTE+ as well as co-founder and lead of the trans-Nordic knowledge network NFI – Nordic Forum for Interculture.


European Conference 2021 · Presentation of the Policy forum recommendations

Introduction and moderation: Matteo Bagnasco. Presentation in dialogue with Adeste+ partnership. Participants: Anne Torreggiani, The Audience Agency / Inês Câmara, Mapa das Ideias / Niels Righolt, Center for Kunst & Interkultur / Franco Bianchini, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo.

Presentation of the Policy forum recommendations for audience-centred cultural policies: Examples of successful policy programmes and actions.

European Conference 2021 · A blueprint for audience-centred organisations: Can we tackle complex issues through simple tools?

Participants: Beata Dubiel, City of Warsaw / Antonija Letinic, Kultura Nova Foundation / Ilidio Louro, Mapa das Ideias / Simona Martini, Fondazione Fitzcarraldo / Niels Righolt, The DanishCentre for Arts and Interculture / Anne Torreggiani, The Audience Agency.

Presentation and reflections on the ACED methodology, with Adeste+ partnership.

Adeste+ Pre-conference: “Culture and public at a turning point”

Opening Conference with Eleonora Belfiore, Giuliana Ciancio, Niels Righolt & Pier Luigi Sacco

Adeste+ invites you to watch an interesting online conference that focuses on the current challenges for arts and cultural institutions and their audiences. We explored the latest perspectives on concepts of cultural democracy and audience development and looked at its relevance for organizations.







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