Raul Ramos

Raul Ramos

Over 10 years of experience developing and executing managerial and marketing strategies for international music and performing arts organizations, cultural foundations and government entities, Raul Ramos is the co-founder of ASIMETRICA, a leading research and consultancy company for the cultural sector based in Madrid. Raul is an entrepreneur with great ability to understand the dynamics of the arts industry, cultural market and customers’ behaviours by using research, marketing and communications strategies. He holds a law degree, MBA and MA in Arts Management.


Asimetrica is a leading research and consultancy firm specialized in Arts Marketing, Audience Development and Digital Media, serving arts organizations and cultural government entities. Based in Madrid, Spain, Asimetrica offers its services across the globe, reaching to Latin-American market in recent years. The firm has earned by its reputation the most prominent clients within the arts and cultural industry in Spain such as the Ministry of Culture and Education, the National Orchestra of Spain, The National Museum Reina Sofia, the National Museum Sorolla, Teatro de la Zarzuela, Tenerife Concert Hall among others, and has collaborated with some international arts and cultural organizations including Berklee College of Music, The National Theatre Colon in Colombia, GAM Cultural Centre in Chile or Fondazione Fitzcarraldo in Italy. Asimetrica is proudly recognized by the arts and cultural global community as the pioneer in founding and leading the Arts Marketing Conference that occurs in Spain and other countries of Latin-America. Asimetrica was co-funded, led and managed by Raul Ramos, who comes with an unusual combination of knowledge, skills and experience in the field of arts and culture internationally.


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