Tanja Kalcic

Tanja Kalcic

At Rijeka 2020 – European Capital of Culture, Tanja was responsible for managing and supervising the entire work of the participation, volunteering, audience development and capacity building program; proposing and implementing strategies for capacity building, audience development, participation, and volunteering program; developing educational activities for strengthening the capacities of the cultural and creative sector, development of educational programs, program activities related to the development of the audience and the involvement of the community, organization of volunteer work and other related tasks.

During the bidding phase, she was responsible for communicating and coordinating local NGOs, giving the support within the development of their project proposals, while in Prostor plus – Association for performing arts she worked as association Leader, Coordinator and Program Manager (educational program, artistic program, residency program), managing all European projects and International Co-operation focused on non-formal education and developing curriculum for competency recognition.


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