The CNT Ivan Zajc in Rijeka has announced the Time Capsule – Zajc Gallery on its social networks. They share the stories of people who are not actors, musicians or dancers, but who have created this theatre throughout history and to this day: cashiers, orchestra assistants, fly operators, tailors, light operators, make-up artists, mask makers, painters, stage managers, transport workers, workshop workers… The goal is to reflect on the character, role, and permanence of the varied and emotional archive in culture and society.

The Zajc time capsule is part of the project for audience development, ADESTE+. It is a prototype created with Design Thinking methodologies with the support of Kultura Nova Foundation.

The Croatian National Theatre Ivan Zajc and the University of Rijeka Academy of Applied Arts invited young designers to submit their work and participate in the artistic competition ZAJC TIME CAPSULE.







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