On Monday, 15th of June the first public event of ADESTE+ will be held online announcing events from end of August to the end of October and comprehending European Conference and Summer School entitled Change Within Change. 

The aim of the event in June is to announce the programme of the European Conference and Summer School as well as to give the framework which we will be encompassing in the upcoming events. 

The focus of this event is set on the crucial question of the audience and the future of the cultural sector. Prompted by our present crisis, we will turn to some fundamental questions related to the place of audience (public, visitor, participant, user) in the future of the cultural sector. We will explore the latest perspectives on concepts of cultural democracy and audience development and look at its relevance for organisations. At a wider level, these sessions will investigate what has or has not changed as a result of the crisis in terms of public engagement. Has it affected democratic norms? Or revealed their deeper structural fragilities? Who is / is not involved / engaged and what relevance does culture have for our world today? What needs to change and what is our responsibility as cultural professionals?

Eleonora Belfiore, Giuliana Ciancio and Pier Luigi Sacco will give their views and insights on the outlined questions through the panel discussion moderated by Niels Righolt. Eleonora Belfiore is a professor at the University of Loughborough, and in her work she is focused on the theme of participation and cultural democracy. Giuliana Ciancio is a researcher at the University of Antwerpenu and manager in culture currently engaged on the project Be SpectACTive. In her researches and practice she focuses on participation and audience engagement as well as on the relation between top-down cultural policies making and bottom-up movements in the European city context. Pier Luigi Sacco is a professor of Cultural Economics at the IULM in Milan. His interests encompass focus on the role of digital technologies to foster new forms of inclusive cultural participation and co-creation in the domain of cultural and creative content production, as well as on the evaluation of their societal effects on key policy domains such as health and wellbeing, environmental sustainability, social cohesion, and innovation. Niels Righolt is the director of CKI – the Danish Centre for Arts & Interculture in Copenhagen, Denmark and with more than 25 years of experience in cultural management in the arts field, has a broad insight in audience development, intercultural dialogue and cultural democracy.

The event will be held online on the 15th of June 2020 from 2 to 4:30 PM CEST. The participation is free, but it is necessary to register here. 

More information on European Conference and Summer School can be found here.  







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