Adeste+ will reach its end soon and therefore is organising different workshops to share new learnings as part of the waterfall programme. Nevertheless, we still have some key appointments like the Adeste+ European Conference and the Summer School. At this stage, we have tested the model within our own partnership, and the objective of the Waterfall Programme is to test it once again in more organizations in order to refine and talk about it with people and professionals in the cultural sector. We are still very open to inputs from the wider community to finalize the model.

ADESTE + has developed the Audience Centered Experienced Design (ACED), to help cultural organizations. ACED, as a process, is Designed to be Centered on Audiences’ Experiences. It strives to reach the real people behind the hard data, replacing abstract data points with a tangible connection to real human beings. We have a series of webinars to present our hands-on programme, and our community will have the opportunity to influence the finalization of the model by voicing your opinion and needs regarding Audience Development and Organizational Change. All info here.

This video is a resume where we are now and what will be our path the next moths.

What’s next?
Online Summer School 2021 edition
We are madly working on it. The format will be exciting and interactive. It will be an online event in late September and the beginning of October. Only a limited number of participants will be admitted to join. The call will be launched by the end of June.

Final Event: ADESTE+ European Conference 2021 edition
11- 12 -13 NOVEMBER
It will be a hybrid version taking place in Turin with online access via live streaming.

Will you join us? Stay tuned, very soon you will have all the good news







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