In the next few days two Webinars will be held in order to disseminate all the knowledge around the audience and participation in culture. ADESTE + has developed the Audience Centered Experienced Design (ACED), to help cultural organizations. In this webinar we are going to stydy the process, case presentations and relevant questions. ACED, as a process, is Designed to be Centered on Audiences’ Experiences. It strives to reach the real people behind the hard data, replacing abstract data points with a tangible connection to real human beings. Its approach is from Design Thinking:

    • Focus on achievable goals
    • Encourages risk taking – “Fail fast, fail cheap”
    • Encourages non-linear thinking
    • It’s a relational process
    • Challenges assumptions
    • Doesn’t replace but integrates other competences

The webinars will be structured as an 1 hour online presentation of the process, methodology and case-studies, followed by an opportunity to meet and talk with our different partners in smaller groups in online breakout rooms. All together the webinars will last for 2 hours.

May 31, 2021, at 15:00 – 17:00 CEST
Speakers from Mapa das ideias (Lisbon)  Mercury Theatre (Colchester) & CKI, Centre for Arts and Interculture (Copenhagen) .

June 9, 2021, at 10:00 – 12:00 CEST
Speakers from Kultura Nova, (Zagreb), Harinera ZGZ (Zaragoza) & CKI, Centre for Arts and Interculture (Copenhagen).

Registration mode here

Meeting ID: 846 3918 6084
Passcode: 756819

Though being related the two webinars are independent of each other and can be streamed freely on demand.

Since 2016, the consortium has been developing and testing a methodology called Audience Centred Experience Design, or ACED. This is a hands-on program of capacity building workshops specifically aimed at developing the creation, prototyping, and testing of concrete Audience Development projects as enablers of tangible organisational change in the relationship between organisations and their potential audiences.

The ADESTE+ partners comprise a diverse cross-section of the cultural sector, from performing arts organisations to museums, from small community centres to large foundations, from national theatres to neighbourhood venues.







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