Jordi Pascual

Jordi Pascual

Jordi Pascual is the founding coordinator of the Committee on culture of the world organisation of United Cities and Local Governments (UCLG). He has published books, articles and reports on cultural rights, international cultural relations, culture and sustainability and the governance of culture, which have been translated to more than 20 languages. Some examples: “Cultural rights, local cultural policies and sustainable development. Looking for a coherent narrative” (Journal of Law, Social Justice and Global Development, 2018), “Culture as the fourth pillar of sustainable development: the best is yet to come” (Economia della cultura, 2016), “Rio+20 and culture: advocating for culture at the centre of sustainability” (UCLG, 2012), “Culture and sustainable development: institutional innovation and a new cultural policy model” (UCLG – UNESCO, 2009), “On citizen participation in local cultural policy development for European cities” (European Cultural Foundation, 2007), or “Third system: arts first! Local cultural policies, third system and employment” (European Commission, 1999). Jordi has been a member of the jury of the European Capital of Culture and teaches cultural policies and management at the Open University of Catalonia.


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