European Conference 2020: First Episode with Valentina Montalto, Jordi Pascual and Lene Struck-Madsen


September 2020

The long table session was a debate around “Culture’s place in our lives” with Lene Struck-Madsen, Valentina Montalto and Jordi Pascual.

Lene Struck-Madsen presented in this 2nd session the insights obtained from a survey around COVID-19 impact and according to this survey just the 18% of the core audiences in theaters would pay for a digital performing art experience.

Valentina Montalto pointed out the necessity of thinking culture beyond the emergency. She shared with us this interesting resource: “The Cultural and Creative Cities Monitor: 2019 Edition”: For Montalvo, it is necessary to make culture relevant to people. The lack of interest is one of the main reasons for non participation in cultural activities

Jordi Pascual pointed out the Covid-19 crisis is an invitation to get out of our comfort zone. Because of that we need to dialogue with other sectors.For him, this collaboration is key.

Keywords: Audience research, Covid-19, accessibility, adaptation, community, cultural democracy, democracy, diversity







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