Online Partner Meeting

Mural that partners have made during the first session of our meeting. Very inspirational sessions.

Adeste partners have started today a special meeting. It should have been held in Zagreb (Croatia) but finally it has been online. So not only our Summer School goes online, but also our partner meetings.

Physical contact is very important to us, but we have started the session in a very emotional way. First with a wonderful concert by the Italian performer & composer Irina Solinas. Solinas is one of the most interesting young artist in Italy and she takes part in the MAME International Project. A combination of her strength in classical cello playing with her avant-garde ideas have propelled her to being celebrated as a musical leader for her generation.

In addition, a video has remenbered the best moments of the meetings we have had in Turin, Colchester, Saragossa and Lisbon. This mural is a summary from our session.

Adeste+ is at a very interesting moment, in the middle of the project. Coronavirus crisis started just when artistic partners should be working on their prototypes with the blueprint accompanying the whole process. But innovation comes from limitations. Adeste+ is a project about change and it quickly adapted the Summer School that we would have held in Rijeka, to analyse online how this “Change Within Change” will affect cultural organizations.

All the information about the Summer School and the European Conference can be found here. But the best way to know better these two events is to join us on June 15th in our pre-conference.

The 2nd ADESTE+ Conference and Summer School has been created for those working as cultural operators with an interest in this topic anywhere in the world. Although provided online the events will maintain the spirit of the 1st ADESTE+ Lisbon Summer School and Conference in 2019. Participants will gather online to debate, learn and work together on developing new strategies through an extended schedule of several weeks with dedicated workshops, discussions, and encounters with keynote speakers, experts and practitioners from around the world. This will be an unsurpassed opportunity to acquire knowledge and information, exchange expertise and experiences and source inspiration in a friendly and professional environment.   

The concept of audience development is transversal, extending from the framing of cultural policy to issues of cultural rights, access and participation. Increasing cultural participation is a crucial challenge for an inclusive and open European society, and growing audiences depends on the ability of a cultural organisation to place the audience at the centre of its practice. However, this theme has taken on greater significance and new urgency as the crisis forces us to address the role of cultural organisations in this changed world. Our empty, silent spaces challenge us to consider if or how the cultural sector will recover, how cultural engagement has changed and what we need to reconsider in the way we work. Now more than ever our actual or potential audience has to be at the forefront of our thinking.

We will examine these key questions in two strands:

  • European Conference – exploring the big questions and debates of this subject for a larger number of people in 6 online episodes which will be held according to the following schedule: 15th of June 2020, 31st of August 2020, 7th of September 2020, 14th of September 2020, 21st of September 2020 and 28th of September 2020. Conference is open to all.
  • Summer School – delving deeper into the questions and looking at the ways we might deal with the issues in 6 online episodes which will be held according to the following schedule: 23rd of September 2020, 30th of September 2020, 7th of October 2020, 14th of October 2020, 21st of October 2020 and 28th of October 2020. Programme is dedicated to limited number of people who will be selected by application.

The European Conference and Summer School are part of the ADESTE+ project which is focused on research and development of innovative approaches to audience development (AD) supported by Creative Europe. The Conference and Summer School is coordinated by Kultura Nova Foundation and Croatian National Theatre Ivan pl. Zajc Rijeka, which are both partners in the project.







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