European Conference – 1st episode: Culture’s place in our lives – Panel session


Septiembre 2020

The first episode of the European Conference took place on August 31st.Panellist: Nicolas BarbieriMafalda Damaso, Anne Torreggiani and  Alessandra Gariboldi (chair) discussed  what is the place of culture in our lives.

Throughout the COVID19 outbreak, half of the world’s population has been on lockdown.  Yet, in a time of desolation and deprivation, we have once again invited culture into our homes. Watching streaming series and movies, listening to music, reading books, we have suddenly become painfully aware of the extraordinary meaning culture has in our lives.

What is happening, and what is going to happen under the rule of social distancing? In this new light, it seems important to put forth once more the need for culture, its relevance, its accessibility and the conditions under which this access is provided.


Keywords: Audience research, Covid-19, accessibility, adaptation, community, cultural democracy, cultural ecology, diversity, equal opportunities, gender, governance, identity, inclusion, participation, politics







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