Adeste+ partnership presents ACED – Audience Centred Experience Design methodology next March 23rd, 17.00pmt. The presentation can be followed on our Facebook Live where we will share the model and the story behind it. We will share the blueprint in all our channels.

The speakers will be


ACED is a simple process co-created and tested with cultural institutions to give people a greater say in what they do, designing experiences that resonate with the public and make the most of their team’s creativity. ACED was devised as a guided process but can be followed by organisations independently with a nominated programme facilitator or change-maker.

We have created a digital space with explanations of each stage, examples, templates and case studies as well as further reading and links to other resources which explain how the blueprint works.

The process can be followed through each step or by dipping into the resources we have recommended. There it is possible to find out what worked well for us – or not! – and to share your experience and ideas so that the model can be continually improved.

The presentation will last about 2 hours. We will share the link soon.







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